Get to know us a little and see if we might be a fit for you.

The Hive is an exclusive online
community of long-term friends.

We're unique in our selective practices (anybody's welcome to join, not all can stay), living on Discord, and we provide resources to help our members pursue their passions – free of charge!


Fulfill your tribal need of social belonging

With over 20,000 species of bees, we're sure you'll fit right in.
Here's some of our favorite features as members of The Hive.

Being part of a family

First and foremost, every member loves the feeling of knowing there's mutual support for you across a whole network of bees.

Participating in Activities

From horror movie nights to playing board games online together, there's no shortage of events and activities to join your new friends.

Learning new skills

Our members pride themselves on being able to help each other. If you've ever wanted to learn a new skill, it's likely someone else might be able to help.

Pursuing creative projects

We reduce the barrier to entry for our members to pursue their passions. Whether it's selling your art or promoting a new podcast, we can help cover any costs that arise in the process.

Past Projects
Artwork done for Athos Roleplay depicting the four major races


Athos was a Minecraft roleplaying server developed in 2014. Over the course of a year, the project took on nearly 60 staff and grew a surrounding community of over 400.

Logo for Z-Eden text-based zombie survival game.


Z-Eden is a text-based, choose-your-own-adventure zombie survival game. A small branch of 5 members wrote the first three chapters and coded the game in C.

Profile picture of beebot cheering


You'll find beebot in the discord upon joining The Hive. She's our AI daughter project, where each member can contribute by talking to her and shaping her values.